Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do If Your Dog Has A Seizure

Learn how to recognize when your dog has a seizure and what to do with tips from a veterinarian in this free emergency pet health care video. Expert: Dr Adrienne Mulligan Bio: Dr. Adrienne Mulligan started her lifelong dream to be a veterinarian at Oakridge High School in Oakridge, Tennessee. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

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25 Responses to Emergency Dog Health Care : What to Do If Your Dog Has A Seizure

  1. Wtflolyay says:

    @popaleechee LMAO!! What? You trying to tell me dogs have lived off of dried shit and shit in a tin for 1000s of years?!?!?!? ahahahaha. Well, News flash. They haven’t. Us humans got lazy and found it easier to pour greasy dried pellets full of crap into a bowl. Or tins of crap that stink of rotten eggs. Yeah, so much chewing action going on! NOT. My Dog went to the Vets last week for a check up and the Vet couldnt find a damned thing wrong with him. Perfect teeth, perfect coat etc.

  2. Wtflolyay says:

    Oh yeah, One more thing…. If this raw diet is so bad there would be no dogs around today. Kibble and shit in a tin hasn’t been around long.

  3. werewyrm1 says:

    @popaleechee no in some cases dog stomping is an act of mercy, as with dogs that are in pain, or cocker spaniels

  4. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay Most dogs these days don’t start off eating raw meats (and bones 😐 ), so they are usually not immune or used to bacterias and viruses/diseases that live in raw meats. That’s why “perfessionals” tell ppl to “cure” any kind of raw meat before giving it to your dog, so it’ll kill the bad stuff :\ And just cuz dogs have eaten raw stuff in past, doesn’t mean that they have never been sick/killed from the stuff :\ And yes you’re right, most of the cheap dog foods look horrible! Dx lol

  5. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay haha, but then again dogs have been eating, and still eat disgusting stuff/anything these days. So foods in cans aren’t as bad compared to nasty raw foods, or garbage that they would happily eat off streets 😉

    Try buying those “all meat meal” dry food stuff from places like Petsmart. It shouldn’t be more than what you probably already spend on meats for your dog 😀 they range from $20-$100 for the big good-quality bags! xD And there are “gourmet” can foods these days too :l lol

  6. popaleechee says:

    @werewyrm1 So what you’re implying is that you stomp on the dog while it’s having a seizure, like on its sides or stomache? If so, that’ll still give it bruises and injury :\

  7. Wtflolyay says:

    @popaleechee lmao what the hell. Immune? Dogs have short digestive tracts and strong stomach acid and TEETH that close together like SCISSORS, check your dogs mouth. Their molars are not flat, they are designed to cut meat.. Raw food is in there for around 4 hours. Dry food is in there for up to 12 hours. With kibble there is more chance of them getting ill from bacteria, dogs have DIED from CONTAMINATED PET FOOD. NOT RAW FOOD.

  8. Wtflolyay says:

    @popaleechee plus, popular pet food brands such as Pedigree, Royal Canin, Whiskas are made by MARS. What do mars make? Oh yeah, sugary junk food. If they make crap for humans they’ll make crap for pets. Purina is by Nestle. Nestle also make sugary junk food. Go figure.

  9. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay n_n lol that’s why you don’t feed them contaminated/expired/moldy pet food… and the bacteria that could get dogs that have never really eaten raw foods sick/killed, are the bacterias that live in raw meats way before the animal is killed 😐 like those bacterias in pigs/chickens and stuff. And dogs teeth are not strong enough to bite through BONES! Dx You said that’s something you feed yours with the meat D: And yeah, I noticed that too; those are the cheap brands haha 🙂

  10. Wtflolyay says:

    @popaleechee What are you, 12? My PUGS have been fed MANY raw pieces of CHICKEN including the RAW BONE. My PUGS have eaten RAW BEEF RIBS and ate the bone. They can chew bone very easily. Go do your research before bashing a diet that dogs are designed to eat. Go search for dogs eating the raw diet. There’s pugs eating rabbit legs, dogs eating rabbit heads etc. All those dogs are in perfect health and NEVER go to the Vet.

  11. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay I was thinking the same thing about you o_o lol I’m getting the impression that you’re like… a 16 yr old skater boy… or something like that lolz… no offense ^_^’

    But yeah, bigger dogs could eat bones, but not at once like they can raw meats and dog foods! D: They usually have to chew them for awhile :l

    I would have never imagined a small dog being able to chew through bone that quick :\ Maybe a pug, cuz they’re like little Bulldogs ^_^

  12. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay I also already know that dogs can CHEW bones, cuz I sometimes feed my Pom beef bones. I never feed them chicken bones though, cuz those can get caught in their throughts like sharp shards sometimes :\

    I’ve fed my other dog some raw meat a couple of times, but at next vet check-up they found that my dog had some type of worms inside of it 🙁 it was the reason it was sick and vomiting so much :\

  13. Wtflolyay says:

    @popaleechee No, I’m a 17 year old girl. lmao. Oh yeah, Even raw chicken bones can be dangerous if fed alone. But i feed them as wings as they’re covered in flesh and skin. But i wouldn’t feed them without any kind of meat on.

  14. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay D: you’re like the same age as me!! Dx Dey-ja-vu! haha

    That sounds believable! I never thought of that possability lol 😀 but don’t you ever have problems with bad dog breathe by feeding them raw meats?

  15. Wtflolyay says:

    @popaleechee Nah, not at all. The raw food doesn’t stink, and it cleans their teeth so their breath doesn’t stink. When i fed kibble though they had tartar build up and terrible breath, at not even a year old.

  16. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay Oh, that’s pretty goog to hear ^_^ but to be honest, to me meat, especially beef, kind of stinks :l

    But just in case you want to feed your dog/s something else besides raw meats for any reason, I don’t think it’ll hurt much to try one of those “high-quality” foods from a petstore! 🙂

  17. Wtflolyay says:

    @popaleechee I did want to feed Orijen or something but i can’t find it locally in the UK. I don’t know if it’s even available in the UK. That’s why i fed raw instead. Ah well!

  18. popaleechee says:

    @Wtflolyay Ah so you’re from the UK? 😀

    Well there are other brands, like “Euryka”, that possibly might be sold in the UK too :\ Try reading the ingredients on the back of the packages and look for anything that says cornmeal. Those are the brands that most likely have added proteins and other chemicals, because it doesn’t really contain all the stuff needed for proper growth. Look for all meat ingredients, or no corn/corn-meal in the ingredients! 😀

  19. werewyrm1 says:

    @popaleechee no before the dog has a seizure at the first sign that the dog sucks begin stomping

  20. LunatheMutt says:

    My dog does that when she is sleeping. She will be sleeping, and then she will start whining and twitching and her legs go stiff, but I just tap her or shake her a little and say her name, and then she will stop. Is she having a seizure, or is she just dreaming?

  21. georgesmith23 says:


  22. amanda17505 says:

    thats a good tip i had a rabbit and it died whit heat and i was wondering if you could tell me what i should done i tried to save him whit cold water but it didn’t work

  23. ColdBloodedLadyJ says:

    Does any of this apply to reptiles? A bearded dragon I care for has had a seizure and I’m so afraid of it re-occuring though he’s in great care at the moment… I’m not sure if it’d be due to bad breeding as his origins are hazy…

  24. LenxXxRinO2 says:

    @LunatheMutt My dog does that too! Im not sure because just now she started twitching and her eyes went up and her breathing was uh… bumpy? So idk D:

  25. LunatheMutt says:

    @LenxXxRinO2 yeah! it sounds like her breathing is really pinched and her eyes kind of twitch, but then I just shake or tap her, and she stops, and then she breathes kind of hard afterwards, but stops after like a minute. I’ve always wondered if she having nightmares or something.

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